Friday, 23 December 2011

:: My time to dance ::

Remember me? I was the woman who once had time to do a blog post ever Saturday morning and sometimes mid week...I was the woman who had time to regularly visit the blogs of her many blog friends, to read and comment and try their suggested crafts ideas. I carried a camera, took copious photographs, spend hours uploading them and wrote and wrote about my adventures in my little green van.

I once wrote a school production involving 250 children, I would knit all day long in the car (not while driving) in the cinema at dinner parties or in coffee shops...I wonder now, where did that woman go?

Well the little Green van had to go in a different direction every other month, towards Manchester, and my part time degree in ministry and mission at Luther King House and suddenly my life was turned upside down with reading, assignments placement tasks, preaching, pastoral visiting - oh and teaching full time and running my home etc etc...

Am I busy ? Yes. Have I time to knit? Not really.....But am I happy? - YES YES YES!!!! Never have I been so fulfilled and so filled with joy. I feel I have come home, I have found my place, I have found where I belong.

So, I now begin plans and preparations to apply for the ministry, and now I am known as the Vicar of Dibley by my colleagues at work.

I continue to publish my sermons on my other blog A still small voice but my training, college work, full time job and work in the church has taken over somewhat and it is with regret that I have been an absent friend since my last post when I prepared for my summer holidays. Where has the time gone?

So please accept my apologies and my blessing to you and yours this Christmas....I would love to hear from you so please don't be strangers, email me and keep in touch ...but until my next window of opportunity I will love you and leave you and thank you for your support and friendship over the sure of one thing my is my time to dance......